Mid-term Poster

Project CodeSupervisor (Prof.)TitleMid-term Poster
AS01a-21Srivastava AbhishekQRLEDs for the LCD backlights Click Here
AS01b-21Srivastava AbhishekQRLEDs for the LCD backlights Click Here
CM01a-21Chan MansunThe Solar-Powered Drone Click Here
JQ01a-21Qu JiananDevelopment of Mobile healthcare Device Click Here
JQ02a-21Qu JiananVoice Controlled Smart Instrument Click Here
JQ03a-21Qu JiananElectromyography based fitness monitoring device Click Here
KW02a-21Ki Wing HungMagnetic Levitation Device Click Here
KW02b-21Ki Wing HungMaximum Power Point Tracking Click Here
LXM01a-21Li XiaomengNovel artificial intelligence methods for medical image classification segmentation Click Here
LXM03a-21Li XiaomengAI for Heart Function Prediction in Echocardiography Click Here
LXM07a-21Li XiaomengEfficient deep learning methods for Fundus Image Segmentation Click Here
LY01a-21Yobas LeventMIDI-controlled FPGA-based digital music synthesizer Click Here
LY02a-21Yobas LeventFPGA-controlled single refreshable Braille character Click Here
MR01a-21Murch RossIndoor RF Imaging Click Here
MR01b-21Murch RossSensor System using Wireless Energy Harvesting Click Here
MWH02a-21Mow Wai HoAutonomous docking and recharging for indoor drones Click Here
MWH03a-21Mow Wai HoEmotion health monitoring using RGB-Thermal cameras and embedded machine learning Click Here
MWH05a-21Mow Wai HoTemperature sensor and camera feedback channel for thermal camera calibration Click Here
PV02a-21Prasad VinodVoice Controlled Smart Instrument Click Here
PV03a-21Prasad VinodEMG Wearable controller (Cor-op) Click Here
PY04a-21Yue PatrickControl a Manipulator with Robotics Click Here
SB01a-21Shi BertramAuto-calibration of Humanoid Robot Head Using Eye-gaze Estimator and Active Efficient Coding Click Here
SB02a-21Shi BertramEye-gaze aware museum display Click Here
SB04a-21Shi BertramSmart home appliances based on eye contact detection. Click Here
SB05a-21Shi BertramSelf-proposed project on facial expression/gesture recognition Click Here
SB07a-21Shi BertramWinko Box (Cor-op) Click Here
SL01a-21Shi LingMulti-agent SLAM Technology on Glass Surface Click Here
SL02a-21Shi LingUAV Delivery System Click Here
SL03a-21Shi LingReaction Wheel Controlled Self-Balancing Cube (FYP) Click Here
SL04a-21Shi LingSmart Robotic Arm Click Here
SQ04a-21Shao QimingEmbedded system implementation of neural network based object detection for drones (DAC project) Click Here
SQ06a-21Shao QimingA project for autonomous vehicle simulation Click Here
SQ07a-21Shao QimingCompact model of spintronic devices for circuit design - 1 Click Here
SQ08a-21Shao QimingCompact model of spintronic devices for circuit design - 2 Click Here
SQ09a-21Shao QimingSelf-Driving Cargo Transporter Click Here
SQ10a-21Shao QimingAI Hardware Simulator Click Here
SS02a-21Song ShenghuiEdge AI Click Here
SS04a-21Song ShenghuiReal-time Monitoring System for HKUST Amenities (FYP) Click Here
SS05a-21Song ShenghuiIndoor Air Quality Monitoring and Improvement (FYP) Click Here
SS06a-21Song ShenghuiSmart Inspection System for Construction Click Here
SSJ01a-21Shen ShaojieAuto Exploration of 3D Space by UAVs Click Here
SSJ02a-21Shen Shaojie3D Object Detection for Autonomous Driving Click Here
SSJ03a-21Shen ShaojieThe Smart Tank Click Here
VL01a-21Lau VincentMotion Tracking Technology In Game Controllers Click Here
VL02a-21Lau VincentCloud Based Wireless Coverage Characterization Click Here
WA01a-21Wong AlbertIndoor Localization Using Crowd Sourced Data Click Here
WA02a-21Wong AlbertFeverSENSE Multi Camera AI Temperature Detection System Click Here
WA02b-21Wong AlbertIntegrated System Click Here
WA03a-21Wong AlbertColor camera System Click Here
WA04a-21Wong AlbertSmart Object Identification System Click Here
WKT02a-21Woo TimUV-C checking IoT System for Air Sterilization and Green Kitchen use Click Here
WKT03a-21Woo TimAutomatic Wiring Machine Click Here
WKT04a-21Woo TimSmart monitoring system for elderly home Click Here
WKT05a-21Woo TimExercise Guidance System Click Here
YW01a-21Yu WeichuanTissue Deformation Analysis Using Ultrasound Imaging Click Here
YW01b-21Yu WeichuanTissue Deformation Analysis Using Ultrasound Images Click Here
YW02a-21Yu WeichuanPET Scan Image Registration Click Here
YW03b-21Yu Weichuan3D CT Bone Image Segmentation Click Here
ZJ01a-21Zhang JunOptimize Closing and Budgeting Cycles via Oracle’s Hyperion Planning Click Here
ZW01a-21Zhang WeiHardware Acceleration of AI Processing Click Here
ZW02a-21Zhang WeiAutomatic Mapping of Applications on FPGA Click Here
ZW03a-21Zhang WeiEfficient Neural Architecture Search for complex tasks Click Here