SQ08a-21 Compact model of spintronic devices for circuit design – 2

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CHONG, Kai Ching
January 19, 2022 5:23 pm

Hello Ferris, this is an extremely advanced project with some interesting application!
By any chance could this technology be used in daily computing or any other fields? Or it is designed specifically for stochastic computing only?

NUGRAHA, Ferris Prima
January 19, 2022 5:33 pm

Thank you for the excellent question. In this work, I am exploring the feasibility of applying MTJ structure for stochastic computing due to the natural RTN generated, based on the available works related to spintronics as well. Later on, the fluctuation would highlight the candidate solution set of a particular computing problem. MTJ itself has diverse set of application which may depend on various physical characteristics such as thermal stability. For high thermal stability, MTJ could be applied for Magnetic RAM (MRAM) as non-volatile memory which might be the alternative to the available technologies. However, in this work we consider the MTJ with low thermal stability which is often referred as the Low Barrier Magnet (LBM). This low value explains the fluctuation occurring in both simulation and experimental results.
In the future, MTJ and other spintronics devices are not restricted to develop stochastic computing, but may also be developed for other applications such as AI, or in-memory computing as being studied by researchers in Samsung recently.

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