CM01b-22 Action Based Mobile Game Apps for Elderly Training

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YAN, Yamin
January 18, 2023 2:53 pm

As you mentioned, “Most elderly are facing eyes and hand shaking problem”, do you think your app is easily accessible and friendly to them?

NG, Cheuk Kei
January 18, 2023 3:13 pm
Reply to  YAN, Yamin

Since sophisticated and complex graphics are not suitable for the elderly, we made sure that the items and layout of our application were user-friendly enough for them. In order to increase readability and make it easy for the elderly to understand, we decided to use black and white as our main color tone and fluorescent blue as a highlight color and simple line graphics as our graphical style. Additionally, all buttons and boxes were changed into a minimalist style, only using rectangles and lines. Some outcomes are shown on the right side of our poster.

In terms of user experience, we used a larger text font, a simple layout display, enlarged buttons and integrated all functions into the dashboard main page to reduce the complexity of the user flow. We also added a help button that is always shown on the top right corner of the screen. This made the user flow more simple and friendly, reducing confusion for the elderly. 

Furthermore, we designed the app to minimize the use of the monitor and touching. Users can control the application with voice commands. Simple actions such as switching pages and starting the counting process can be done by voice instruction. All processes can be done by voice controlling or even without looking at the phone. This is how we made our app more friendly for the elderly, focusing on their body issues.

YAN, Yamin
January 18, 2023 2:29 pm

What is the progress of the app development?

NG, Cheuk Kei
January 18, 2023 3:03 pm
Reply to  YAN, Yamin

At this stage, we have completed the design of some graphic elements and the front-end interface with an interactive prototype. Since our target customers are the elderly, we decided to design a special interface for them. Through research, we found that sophisticated and complex graphics are not suitable for the elderly. By creating a prototype before coding the front-end interface, the development time for making changes can be reduced. In the prototype designing process, some functions and designs were eliminated and adjusted due to unachievable development. This also allowed for a clearer concept and design to be made for the front-end developer.

Furthermore, the development of the step-counter function is nearly completed. The basic feature is completed, but we are still working on improving the accuracy by adjusting our algorithm. We also planned to apply a low-pass filter to the sensor data to remove high-frequency noise and further improve the accuracy of step detection.

On the back-end server side, we are constructing the cloud server for storing user information. The database is being set up and we are waiting for some data to test.

As of now, the front-end interface coding is half-done and not yet integrated with the back-end services. In the coming month, we plan to complete the front-end coding and start integrating it with the back-end functions, such as the step counter and voice instructions.

YAN, Yamin
January 18, 2023 2:25 pm

What incentives have you designed for customers?

NG, Cheuk Kei
January 18, 2023 2:38 pm
Reply to  YAN, Yamin

To encourage our customers, mainly the elderly, to exercise outdoors, we have developed an e-pet system and reward system. By utilizing augmented reality technology, users can walk along with the e-pet and we also require them to walk to specific target areas. This not only reduces loneliness for some elderly who may be living alone, but also encourages them to go outdoors and meet friends. Additionally, we may provide supermarket or fast-food restaurant coupons as a reward for users who complete their daily targets. This greatly increases the attractiveness of the elderly to walk outdoors using our app.

YAN, Yamin
January 18, 2023 2:52 pm
Reply to  NG, Cheuk Kei

Thanks, that sounds interesting.