Study Pattern

 4Y BEng (ELEC)4Y BEng (CPEG)
Summer term

ELEC 4900
Final Year Design Project

[6 credits]  


ELEC 4901
Final Year Thesis

[6 credits]


CPEG 4911
Computer Engineering Final Year Project in ELEC

 [6 credits] 


CPEG 4912
Computer Engineering Final Year Thesis in ELEC

[6 credits] 

Fall term
Spring term

FYP/FYT is a year-long course spread across three terms from Summer, Fall and Spring. (1 credit in Summer, 2 credits in Fall, and 3 credits in Spring)

For students who declared two majors in BEng, they will be enrolled to ENGG4901/4902 (FYP) or ENGG4903/4904 (FYT). They will be registered to the courses in Fall(3 credits) and Spring(3 credits) only.

“PP” (Permitted to Proceed) grades are given to students who have fulfilled their supervisor’s requirements & submitted the required deliverables at the end of the term. “F” (Unconditional Failure) grades are given to those who haven’t.

The given “PP” grades are superseded by letter grades (from A+ to F) at the end of the FYP period.

Course Registration

Students who have committed to FYP/FYT projects by end of Spring 2021-22 will be pre-enrolled in FYP/FYT courses in Summer 2021-22, Fall 2022-23 and Spring 2022-23. For uncommitted students, please obtain consent from supervisor and email it to Crystal ( You will have to enroll to the course during class enrollment period in SIS.

Undergraduate Students with Resumption of Study from Leave in Winter and Summer Term

For students who have taken leave from study paying no tuition in regular term (i.e. Fall or Spring), a per-credit tuition fee will be charged when resume study in Winter or Summer, with the maximum amount not exceeding the prevailing tuition fee for a regular term.

Tuition rate for 2022-23 academic year

Undergraduate Student

Per-credit Rate

(except students from the 9th regular term of dual degree programs onwards)


(students from the 9th regular term of dual degree programs onwards)




Students should note that the tuition of a withdrawn/audited course is also determined according to the normal credits of the course concerned, at the same per-credit rate of the students’ program. One credit of tuition fee will be charged if the total number of course credits is zero.